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Handbook on Corporate Governance for Supervisory and Management Boards Members of Companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan

The purpose of this handbook is to explain the concept of corporate governance and its issues, as well as to provide practical recommendations to improve the effectiveness of boards of directors of companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The handbook is designed to be an accessible resource that can be used and referred to as needed, rather than a detailed academic document that must be read cover-to-cover.

This handbook was developed by members of the Steering and Advisory Committees team of the Chapter Zero Uzbekistan (Odil Musaev, Denis Spirin and Karen Srapionov) with support and contribution from the EBRD (Pavle Djuric, Umidjon Abdullaev, Divya Chawla and Solomiia Petryna).

Chapter Zero Uzbekistan is a strategic program implemented with the full support of the Climate Governance Initiative and the EBRD, in collaboration with the Westminster International University in Tashkent acting as a host organization.


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