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We help boards of directors identify potential risks and business opportunities related to climate change and low-carbon strategies at the country and international level.

  • Participation in regular events and discussions with Uzbek and international experts on climate change
  • Opportunity to discuss and share experiences with other market participants
  • Access to the latest information on the impacts of climate change in Uzbekistan and the world
  • Deeper understanding of opportunities and risks for each industry and region


Leading companies, climate experts and other organizations that are actively involved in educating our members on climate change.

  • Participation in events for members of the boards of directors of leading Uzbek companies
  • Access to interaction with the top management of Uzbek business
  • Opportunity to expand your customer base and broader presentation of your services
  • Increasing the visibility of your company

Sponsors and partners

Leading Uzbek companies, non-profits and government organizations that are experts or seek to influence the climate agenda.

  • Opportunity to influence the formation of the climate platform in Uzbekistan
  • Access to the world's best climate resources
  • Gaining public recognition for your organization as a leader and expert on climate change
  • Priority participation in meetings with world leaders

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